To:   Region 8 Intergroup Chairs  

From: Region 8 Public Information/Professional Outreach Committee (PIPO)

Re: PIPO Information

The Region 8 PIPO Committee has outlined one of its goals for this next year to make the PIPO pages on the OA Region 8 website the best it can be to serve all our region, and making it user-friendly for our region's intergroups, groups and members.

Focusing on Oaregion8 website page for PIPO information, (the opening page is now up and running), we aim to add further information as to what projects have been/are being done in the Region. Our goal is to make it easier to find by just a link that will go directly to the source. With that said, we would like to gather information on the Public Information and/or Professional Outreach programs that have worked in your local area.

Using the form below, we ask you, the service body chairs in your local area, for any information on programs that have been implemented to date, and forward this information to us. In order to keep our data fresh, please keep in mind that we welcome information on any future program(s) as this will be an ongoing project. By completing the form below, it will be submitted to the PIPO Chair of Region 8.

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If you have any questions, please contact:

Thank you for all your help an all your service. We look forward to your reply. 

The Region 8 PIPO Committee