Funded Committees

Bylaws/Electronic Documents Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to carry the message of recovery and facilitate Region 8 business by maintaining internal consistency and congruity with OA Inc. Bylaws, Subpart B in all Region 8 official documents; promoting Lifeline & Designated Downloader positions; producing the SOAR 8 Newsletter; and participating in the transition to a paperless organization. 

The Bylaws/Electronic Documents Committee has four sub-committees: Motions Review & Compliance, Newsletter; Lifeline & Designated Downloader (DD); and Editing. Committee members are hard working and enthusiastic about carrying the message of recovery throughout Region 8!


Intergroup Outreach Committee (IGOR)

Welcomes and offers aid to new unaffiliated Groups. Acts as the liaison between Region 8 and unaffiliated Groups. Helps Groups who wish to affiliate with an Intergroup, or form their own Intergroup. Helps large Intergroups divide into smaller Intergroups, if they desire. Encourages Intergroups to have a Speakers List. Encourages the formation of new Groups. Encourages Groups and Intergroups to send a Rep to Assembly, and a Delegate to WSBC. Encourages the use of Twelve Traditions to promote and protect the growth of members, groups, and Intergroups. IGOR has three sub-committees: Referral, Assistance, and Intergroup Chairs.


Public Information/Professional Outreach (PIPO)

To coordinate the efforts of OA groups and Intergroups to carry the message of recovery to the public and the professional community which can include hospitals, institutions, professionals, and the military (active duty personnel and dependents). To encourage and assist groups and Intergroups to make the public aware of Overeaters Anonymous through print and broadcast media, participation in community health fairs, and any other public means.



Assists the board by helping meet the technological hardware/software needs of Region 8. Is implementing remote viewing/listening technology to make it easier for intergroups who cannot attend region assemblies to participate. The Webmaster's duties also fall under this committee.

Twelfth-Step-Within Committee

The Twelfth-Step-Within Committee primary purpose is to generate membership retention and recovery within the Fellowship by carrying the OA message to members, Groups, and Intergroups who are still suffering. The Twelfth-Step-Within Committee has three sub-committees: Within Road Show, Care package - 30 questions, and Email Sponsorship.


Unity with Diversity

To recognize the significance that acceptance of diversity plays in our ability to effectively carry the message of recovery, this committee intends to encourage awareness within and outside the Fellowship of the importance of unity while honoring and respecting diversity.


Ways and Means Committee

Select a CPA to perform an annual audit. Review Treasurer’s accounting procedures and make recommendations for needed changes. Ensures that all Federal and State documents and filed in a timely manner. Examines financial records at each Assembly and present a report of such review. Ensures that annual IRS report is satisfactorily completed in a timely manner. Prepares proposed annual budget which shall be presented at November Assembly. Reviews financial issues presented to the Ways and Means Committee and make appropriate recommendations to Assembly. Informs Intergroups about availability of financial literature. Stresses the importance of the Seventh Tradition, and the need to contribute financially to all levels of OA Service Bodies. Submits articles to SOAR 8 Newsletter relative to good financial policies and record-keeping. Solicits ideas for ways to improve the financial status of Region 8 and WSO. The Ways and Means committee has 2 sub-committees: Accountability and Fund-Raising.