More Ideas for PIPO

  • Encouraging PIPO service work at the group and intergroup level by supporting current PIPO efforts and giving service with a PIPO committee, if possible. Service is a powerful tool and many of us have found our recovery strengthened through PIPO work.
  • Placing OA Bulletin Board Attraction Sticky Notes (OA bookstore product #440W) in your local community. These sticky notes contain a place to list a local meeting. Intergroups may wish to list a meeting with a newcomer focus.
  • Giving a copy of When Should I Refer Someone to Overeaters Anonymous to one’s doctor or other healthcare professional.
  • Circulating public information posters (PI Posters) in one’s community. World Service has made available an assortment of colorful, professionally designed public information posters that may help carry the message to those who still suffer. Many coffee shops, grocery stores, laundry mats, libraries, gyms, churches and other locations have bulletin boards perfect for posting these attractive flyers.
  • Gold Coast IG (South Florida) made contact with addiction and behavioral health therapists. Awareness of the OA program with short presentation was given to 40 attendees. Networking followed with many of the attendees.
  • Pinellas Traditions IG (Pinellas County, FL) regularly posts listings announcing their local meetings on an online Classified list.
  • North Florida Intergroup (Northeast Florida area) wrote news releases for two events, a PIPO event and an OA convention, that resulted in a newspaper story and radio interview respectively.
  • Grocery Cart Ads: The Central Arkansas Intergroup is currently experimenting with Grocery Cart Advertising. This reaches people at a particularly vulnerable food shopping time, which we’ve all experienced. They paid $2,995.00 to Cartvertizing for ads (they used an poster) placed on the nose of grocery carts at one of the Kroger stores in Little Rock. That placement was for one year. The ads will remain on the carts until/unless another ad is purchased to replace it after that year.