• Apply for IGOR Representative Funding if your Intergroup needs help sending a delegate to a Region 8 Assembly.  Send completed form to Due 60 days prior to Assembly.
  • Apply for assistance from the PIPO Public Information Funds if your Intergroup needs assistance in carrying the message in your communities like through a poster campaign, a sign on a bus bench, or a newspaper ad.  Send completed form to
  • Apply for assistance from the IGOR Carry the Message Funds if your Intergroup needs help to bring someone to your area to lead a workshop or help your Intergroup with a specific event.  Send completed form to both and .
  • Apply to the Delegate Support Fund (R8DSF) to help send a representative from your Intergroup to the WSBC Conference.  Send to . This form is due by September 1st. (Region 8 will pass it along to WSBC when/if Region 8 uses all of our money budgeted for this assistance.)
  • Apply for a Special Project Grant to buy OA literature to give away to members in your area. Send completed form to and the for a Literature Grant.  The Technology money can be used to buy laptops or microphones or any technology that your intergroups need to support recovery in your area. Send to and the  for a Technology Grant.